Film Victoria Screen Leader Awards

Film Victoria recently held their Screen Leader Awards where they honoured 5 leading industry practitioners.

We were lucky enough to produce the video testimonials for the night, which you can see here below (via the Film Victoria YouTube channel).

Film Victoria supplied the film & television footage, while we conducted the interviews with our Canon C100 Mk II with some fast prime lenses (the 50mm and 85mm from memory) and recording to the Atomos Ninja Flame, with the exception of the 3 Greg McLean testimonials which were filmed by the speakers themselves.

Ian Anderson

Fiona Eegger & Deb Cox

Alison Nisselle

Greg McLean

Community Program Videos for AusPost

Over the past couple of months we’ve travelled around the country filming various community groups who have been the lucky recipients of Australia Post grants.

We’ve travelled far and wide to Alice Springs, Murray Bridge, Bendigo, Dandenong, Campbellfield and Preston (not that far) interviewing representatives of community groups who, respectively, support immigrants, the elderly, the disabled and indigenous basket weavers!

We’ve used a variety of video equipment during the project, filming interviews with the Canon C100 Mark II, and capturing overlay with the Sony FS7, the Phantom4 drone, the GoPro Hero4, the Canon 5D, the DJI Osmo and the Rhinoslider.

It’s been a lot of fun and we hope to travel farther and wider over the coming months.

You can watch two of the videos below, namely the Old Church on the Hill (Bendigo) and the Murray Mallee Aged Care Group (Murray Bridge).

Exclusive Interview with Santa

Santa Mail 1

Commissioned by Javelin Australia, we recently had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Santa. Not some half-arsed, drunken imitation, but the real thing.

Santa was in Melbourne to explain how kids can get in touch with him via the old-fasioned method of writing a letter.


“Send your letters to Santa,” urged Santa, “at North Pole 9999. Put a 70c stamp on the envelope and write your name and address on the back.”

He promised to reply to every letter. Quite a task, but he’s up for it.


We then chatted to some children at Newport Lakes Primary School in Melbourne, who completed the task with little effort and also told us what they were hoping to get for Christmas.

Watch out for the resultant videos on Auspost’s social media pages and various news networks as we approach Christmas.

Filming and Eating for Grill’d


We’ve had the opportunity to eat our way through the Grill’d menu recently, while filming interviews with award nominees and B-roll footage at various Grill’d restaurants around the country. With a license to be creative and arty, we captured some great images of new restaurants and outstanding staff.


We also filmed Grill’d’s conference in Melbourne earlier this week, and edited a conference closing video on the fly, working around the clock to ensure the tight deadline was met. This is a great way to reinforce business strategies and have a laugh about good times just had.


We celebrated a job well done with a Grill’d burger.  (Try the Glorious Goat’s Cheese lamb burger.)

Yut Art & Film Victoria Working on the ‘Behind the Screen’ Series

Yut Art is currently working with Film Victoria on the ‘Behind the Screen’ documentary series. The series focuses on the opportunities available in Victorian to produce high quality films, tv shows and game development.

So far we’ve heard from Robert Connolly (director of the Gallipoli TV drama) and Marion Boyce (costume designer for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries). The next in the series is an interview with Many Monkeys’ game designers Matt Ditton and Timothy Best.


An interview with Matt Ditton and Timothy Best of Many Monkeys.

AFL Multicultural Ambassadors


The AFL’s Multicultural Ambassadors

We recently attended AFL House for Javelin PR in order to film and interview the AFL’s new crop of multicultural ambassadors.

These guys come from a range of different cultures and illustrate the diversity of the AFL community.


Nic Naitanui faces the media

The footage will be used for various media purposes and promotional events.

You can find out more about @afldiversity on the AFL Community website, and we can’t wait to see these guys in action when the season kicks off on 2 April.

Go Hawks.



A Panel Discussion during the ACHRF

That’s a lot of acronyms to remember and, at first, it was all a little confusing.  Let me explain.

Yut Art recently filmed a conference at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. The first 2 days compromised the IFDM (International Forum on Disability Management) Conference and the PIM (Personal Injury Management) Awards, both organised by PIEF (The Personal Injury Education Foundation).

5D3A0424 cropped

The PIM Awards Winners


The third day was the ACHRF (the Australasian Compensation Health Research Forum) organised by ISCRR (The Institute for Safety, Compensation & Recovery Research).

Hundreds of people attended, many issues were discussed and plenty was achieved via lectures, workshops and social events.


Prof. Kathryn McPherson, Director of the Person Centered Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology

The value in filming conferences like these is that the individual sessions can be viewed by interested parties who couldn’t make it to the conference or who’d like to revisit some of the lectures.

We filmed the conference using the Canon C100 (with Atomos Ninja Blade recorder) and Canon C300, using the Canon 70-200mm and 24-70mm lenses, and the videos of the sessions will be available via the above-mentioned organisations’ websites.