AFL Multicultural Ambassadors


The AFL’s Multicultural Ambassadors

We recently attended AFL House for Javelin PR in order to film and interview the AFL’s new crop of multicultural ambassadors.

These guys come from a range of different cultures and illustrate the diversity of the AFL community.


Nic Naitanui faces the media

The footage will be used for various media purposes and promotional events.

You can find out more about @afldiversity on the AFL Community website, and we can’t wait to see these guys in action when the season kicks off on 2 April.

Go Hawks.



A Panel Discussion during the ACHRF

That’s a lot of acronyms to remember and, at first, it was all a little confusing.  Let me explain.

Yut Art recently filmed a conference at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. The first 2 days compromised the IFDM (International Forum on Disability Management) Conference and the PIM (Personal Injury Management) Awards, both organised by PIEF (The Personal Injury Education Foundation).

5D3A0424 cropped

The PIM Awards Winners


The third day was the ACHRF (the Australasian Compensation Health Research Forum) organised by ISCRR (The Institute for Safety, Compensation & Recovery Research).

Hundreds of people attended, many issues were discussed and plenty was achieved via lectures, workshops and social events.


Prof. Kathryn McPherson, Director of the Person Centered Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology

The value in filming conferences like these is that the individual sessions can be viewed by interested parties who couldn’t make it to the conference or who’d like to revisit some of the lectures.

We filmed the conference using the Canon C100 (with Atomos Ninja Blade recorder) and Canon C300, using the Canon 70-200mm and 24-70mm lenses, and the videos of the sessions will be available via the above-mentioned organisations’ websites.

Devondale Launch


Denis Napthine addresses the Murray Goulburn audience

In July we filmed the opening of Devondale Murray Goulburn’s Melbourne Dairy Beverages Centre, attended by industry leaders, politicians and a media throng.

The footage was edited with shots we’d captured earlier in the year of the factory itself, and which can be viewed here on our Vimeo Page:


Process Safety: Who’s Responsible?


Colin Directs, Josh Shoots and Clancy Looks On

Our most recent production for the oil & gas peak body, APPEA, was a health and safety video focusing on the importance of process safety.

We gathered together a ripping cast, fronted by Linden Compassi, and a terrific little crew of all rounders, and filmed the entire thing at Studio 44 in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Making use of on-screen presentation, drama and animations, we came up with Process Safety: Who’s Responsible, a production which studied the barriers put in place to prevent major accidents or events occurring in the industry.  You can check it out below.


The video was shot on the Canon C100, using an Atomos Ninja Blade monitor & recorder.

Starring Linden Compassi, Georgie Durham, Andrea McCannon, Paul McCarthy, Shash Lall, Chris Lee, Nick Backstrom, Steven Sheeren and Ray Tiernan.

Written by Michael McArthur, produced by James McArthur, directed by Colin Hill, director of photography Joshua Waddell, edited by James & Michael McArthur, animation & effects by Cameron Macmillan, make-up by Alexandra Hiller, autocue by First in the Cue, Nina Nichols, Tara Whyte, production assistant Clancy Walker, story by Paul Foley & Ivor Ferguson, executive producers Miranda Taylor & Paul Foley, filmed at Studio 44 St Kilda Victoria, sound effects by, &

Copyright 2014.

Our Award-Winning Short Film

48 Hour Film Project Version.Still007

Ray Tiernan as Mr Death

Yut Art’s latest short film Mr & Mrs Death (produced alongside Melbourne actor Andrea McCannon), was a recent finalist in the 48 Hour Film Festival, a festival which takes place across 120 cities, involves around 50,000 film-makers and produces about 4,000 films!

48 Hour Film Project Version.Still011

Shash Lall, as hapless motivational speaker Thomas Cox, ponders his next move

In Melbourne, 12 films were chosen as finalists and ours was nominated for Best Actor (Andrea McCannon) and Best Script (George Q Hall).

And, wait for it, Andrea won!

48 Hour Film Project Version.Still010

Andrea McCannon (The Acolyte) and Ray Tiernan (Mr Death) assess the situation

You can watch the film here.  I’m sure you’ll agree it’s rather good for something entirely written, filmed and edited in 48 hours:


Check our more pics on the 48 Hour Facebook page.



New Drama Showreel – Check It Out!

I reckon one of the best ways to get a message across in business is to produce a video dramatisation of a particular issue.  The video then provides a basis on which discussions and workshops can be based.

We’ve produced some great dramatisations focussing on OH&S, brand insurance, social media and internet security, as well as nostalgic celebratory dramas and short films which, admittedly have very few corporate lessons, but are a heap of fun to make and enhance our always improving skills as video producers.


Setting up the lights and drinking whisky during a drama shoot

Anyway, enough talk, take a look at our newly minted (can you mint a video?) drama showreel and then let me know if you’d like to rush out and produce your own drama…with our help of course!

Brand New Showreel, Yay!

It’s been a few years since we’ve updated our video showreel, and over that period of time we’ve produced dozens of videos which, unforgivably, haven’t been used to market our wonderful services!

So finally, after hours of trawling through hundreds of gigabytes of footage, we’re able to post our new showreel, which uses footage from a wide variety of projects we’ve been involved in, ranging from small web video shoots, through to large studio-based and on-location productions.

I’ve already said too much, the showreel speaks for itself:

And if you like what you see, please visit our website at or call us on 0400 817 041 (Michael) or 0409 568 988 (James).