New Drama Showreel – Check It Out!

I reckon one of the best ways to get a message across in business is to produce a video dramatisation of a particular issue.  The video then provides a basis on which discussions and workshops can be based.

We’ve produced some great dramatisations focussing on OH&S, brand insurance, social media and internet security, as well as nostalgic celebratory dramas and short films which, admittedly have very few corporate lessons, but are a heap of fun to make and enhance our always improving skills as video producers.


Setting up the lights and drinking whisky during a drama shoot

Anyway, enough talk, take a look at our newly minted (can you mint a video?) drama showreel and then let me know if you’d like to rush out and produce your own drama…with our help of course!

Brand New Showreel, Yay!

It’s been a few years since we’ve updated our video showreel, and over that period of time we’ve produced dozens of videos which, unforgivably, haven’t been used to market our wonderful services!

So finally, after hours of trawling through hundreds of gigabytes of footage, we’re able to post our new showreel, which uses footage from a wide variety of projects we’ve been involved in, ranging from small web video shoots, through to large studio-based and on-location productions.

I’ve already said too much, the showreel speaks for itself:

And if you like what you see, please visit our website at or call us on 0400 817 041 (Michael) or 0409 568 988 (James).

Clancy of the Overflow


A still from “Clancy of the Overflow”

Clancy of the Overflow, the classic Banjo Paterson bush poem, is known and loved throughout Australia.  I remember reading it at school, hearing Jack Thompson recite it in his inimitable style, and wondering how much Banjo, an urban lawyer, really did yearn for the life of a drover.

Paterson wrote it in 1889,  basing it on an actual experience he had with a drover named Clancy, from the outback homestead ‘The Overflow’.  Anyway, this is all well and good, but at Yut Art we decided to give it a modern rendering.  The themes of yearning, longing and perceiving the grass to be greener are, after all, eternal.

So the poem has been re-interpreted in a short film form, set in various locations around Melbourne, and utilising the generous services of some of the city’s best actors and film-makers.

Click on the link below to watch the film:

Clancy of the Overflow from Yut Art Film & Video on Vimeo.

Making Babies Cry

The baby refusing to cry

The baby refusing to cry

Filming media clips can be an emotional business.  Last month we had to get footage of a 12 month old baby crying.  Nobody wanted to actually do anything to make her cry, so we just had to hang around until she did cry.  Unfortunately this was the world’s happiest baby who had no intention of doing anything other than smile and laugh. Until she finally hit her lip on her water cup, at which point she burst into tears and we finally hit record on the camera while our stills photographer merrily snapped away.

The crying only lasted about 30 seconds, but we got the shot, packed up our gear and left the baby in peace.  She’ll never work with us again.

The baby finally cries

The baby finally cries

Safety Dramatisation for Woodside


Georgie and Andrea get excited by safety

The brief we received from Woodside was a great one; outline the importance of health and safety in the oil & gas industry, but dramatise it.  Awesome!

So we wrote a script in collaboration with the Woodside guys, called up some actors, selected some locations and filmed a four part serial focusing on the planning and construction of a safer oil platform.

Although based in Perth, we filmed and edited in Melbourne, had a lot of fun, hit some obstacles (of course) and in the end produced a great little series of videos which are now being used by new employees and contractors at Woodside.

Georgie tries to influence Paul and Andrea

Georgie tries to influence Paul and Andrea

Linden and Ray put up an old school fight

Linden and Ray take up the argument during croissant time

Oil & Gas Safety Campaign Going Strong

Australia’s oil & gas peak body, APPEA, is continuing with its ongoing health & safety campaign Stand Together for Safety.  Each year we fly around the country to various oil & gas facilities, both onshore and offshore, in deserts, bushland and oceans to produce the campaign’s official video, which you can see below.

As you’ll see, whether these guys work in offices or on gas platforms, they take health and safety very seriously and there are some messages here that are a great reminder of the importance of returning homely safely.

Christchurch Earthquake Doco

Collapsed buildings in Christchurch's CBD

Collapsed buildings in Christchurch’s CBD

We flew over to Christchurch, New Zealand a few months back to shoot a documentary about the city’s devastating 2010 earthquake, and how it affected residents, businesses and infrastructure.

Several areas of Christchurch, including the CBD, and some surrounding suburbs are still largely abandoned and derelict, while plans are being made to rebuild the city in a ‘earthquake-friendly’ fashion.  If indeed that’s possible.

We spent a few days documenting the devastation and interviewing some of those who were personally affected, and whose jobs, integral to the rebuilding process, made their experiences all the more insightful.

The whole thing was shot on a Canon 5D (with additional stock footage), on a variety of prime lenses and cut on Premiere Pro 5.5.  Oh and we used a GoPro Hero2 on the Christchurch gondola and the extreme sport of Punting on the Avon.